Now you’re probably here because you’re looking for the best natural urinary tract infection remedy in 2017? Well, as anyone who has ever had a urinary tract infection knows, this condition can be extremely painful.  Sharp burning pains during the process of urination or while engaging in sexual intercourse are common.  Fortunately, there is a natural remedy that can help alleviate the pain of the symptoms, as well as provide your body with the nutrients it needs to fight off the infection.

What’s’ The Best Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedy Product for 2017?

It is important to remember that an effective urinary tract infection natural remedy will involve addressing both the symptoms and the root cause of the infection itself.  This two pronged approach will involve using several different herbs to manage the ailment and weaken the infection.  By using the right combination of herbs, you can get relief from the sense of burning and stinging, even as your body begins to deal with the infection effectively.

Cranberries are the Core Ingredient

Cranberries are one of the core ingredients in your urinary tract infection natural remedy.  The reason for their effectiveness is that cranberries contain proanthocyanins, which stop the bacteria from the infection from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.  This helps make it easier for the bacteria to be carried out of the system with the flow of urine.  Keep in mind that you will get the best results by consuming raw cranberries or by purchasing cranberry juice that is not artificially sweetened.  Health food stores will often carry the most effective forms of cranberries for treating your infection.

Additional Herbs to Consider for Faster Results

Other herbs should also be included in your urinary tract infection natural remedy.  You will find that cornsilk, horsetail, and goldenseal are all helpful, mainly due to the high concentrations of different vitamins and minerals found in each herb.  For example, cornsilk is a great source of iron, which is essential for the proper function of the kidneys.  Horsetail has significant amounts of calcium, potassium, and zinc, which are all helpful in nourishing the immune system.  Goldenseal has several vitamins and minerals that help to promote proper function of the bowels, which is key to ridding the urinary tract of any type of infection.

One important herb to always include in your urinary tract infection natural remedy is uva ursi.  This herb has been used for centuries in treating different types of urinary issues.  Rich with vitamin A, iron, and manganese, uva ursi not only helps the body to deal with the infection, but also can aid in the process of restoring inflamed parts of the urinary tract to full function.

While it is possible to use this urinary tract infection natural remedy in order to combat this type of condition, it never hurts to talk with your doctor.  Depending on the severity of your condition, you may find that his or her advice is to drink cranberry juice and consume foods with certain nutrients.  If you want to try using these herbs, discuss them with your physician and make sure they will not have an adverse reaction with any prescription medication you may be taking.

By responsibly utilizing this natural remedy, you will soon find your infection is clearing up and you can get back to your normal “activities” within a number of days.

Consuming these cranberry juice and the above mentioned herbs on a regular basis may also prevent an infection in the first place, which in my opinion is always a better option than treatment.

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