Let’s face it – we’ve all tried fad diets and modern workouts that sound like they would work on paper. When it comes to working out and dieting, consistency is king! So what are some daily workouts that you can do that are actually worth sticking with?

Well, we’ve gathered the 5 best fitness tips that you can use to help improve your overall health and well-being without wasting your time!

1. Start out slow – your routine is a marathon not a race

When first starting your workout routine, you won’t necessarily be used to doing something physical every day or having slight muscle soreness. That is why it is important for you to start out slow and use lighter weight. After a week of consistent daily workouts, you’ll begin to notice an increase in strength and endurance. When your 5 pound weights start to feel less heavy, don’t be afraid to up the weight! But until then, don’t overdo it and risk losing your routine. Like we mentioned above, consistency is king so start out slow and work your way up!

2. Variety, variety, and MORE variety

Varying your workouts is a tried and true method by personal trainers and physical therapists around the globe. But since you’re just starting out your workout regimen, let’s keep it simple!

Start out with simple micro-movements so that your muscles can get used to it, then use your muscles’ full range of motion. Longer workout sets with lighter weight one day and then heavier weights with shorter workout periods the next day can help your body not get used to the workouts, and will also make working out more fun! Even little things like squatting lower than normal without weights will make things feel different – and different is a good thing when it comes to fitness!

Give your body a challenge to really help make your workouts interesting.

3. Walk everywhere you can

While this might not sound like a direct workout tip, you’ll be surprised as to how many miles you can walk in a day without really even thinking about it. Install a pedometer on your phone, pop in some headphones, and walk around your neighborhood. Call your gal-pal and meet her for coffee, but instead of sitting down and chatting go for a walk! Standing up can burn 50 calories per hour, so imagine how much you can burn walking instead of driving your car.

Living a less sedentary life will help your workout routines and will help burn calories, fat, and is great for your overall cardiovascular system.

Bonus tip:

Treat yourself to some nice workout clothes after you’ve consistently worked out for a month!

Every girl wants to look and feel good, so what’s the harm in rewarding yourself with some nice workout clothing after you have followed your daily workout routine for a month?

After a months’ worth of fitness, you will feel good about yourself and who knows? When you’re shopping for your next pair of yoga pants, you may have dropped a size or two and it well help keep up with your consistency!

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